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19 year old hotel reservation in FL?

I bought tickets to see a show I've been waiting to see and I've been doing my research on reserving a hotel room and I'm coming to a lot of roadblocks. My boyfriend and I will both be 19 and driving to Jacksonville, I've called at least 7 hotels and they've all stressed to me the 21 and up...


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1. Laura
I can't guarantee this will work, but here goes: reserve ONLINE using a credit card in your own name. When you arrive, you'll be asked to show your picture ID and credit card. I don't think most hotels look carefully at your date of birth when you check in, as long as you're professionally dressed, have a valid credit card, and behave like a grownup.
2. JaxJagsFan
Usually hotels start at 18.

I would come to Jacksonville early, pick up a hotel coupon book and start calling. Check LaQuinta and Motel 6. You really don't have to get a reservation because nearly all the cheap hotels never have full vacancy so it's easy just to walk up.
3. apple
= The legal minimum is 18. Younger than that makes you a minor, and minors can not legally enter into contracts of which a hotel rental agreement is one. However many hotels will not rent to anyone under 21 because they have discovered that unchaperoned teens tend to damage the rooms, and disturb other guests. You would have to call the management of the local hotel, (not their corporate reservation system) to get that particular hotels age policy.
4. Alice Kingggg
this isn't an answer, but i'm so shocked! in london we're aloud to stay in some hotels at 16! and the normal policy here is only 18 and up. wow! i feel for you!