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5 people in a New York hotel?

Hey there! So I and a bunch of friends are taking a road trip to NY and originally we had 4 people going so we got a room with 2 beds. But now my brother is able to go and I don't mind at all! It's just im worried about 5 people being in one room as far as getting into trouble or anything like that....


Answer (3):

1. Garrett
Will be tight, NYC hotel rooms are small to begin with- may not be a place for him to put a mattress. But yeah, if they find out there are 5 in the room they will boot you out since that would probably violate the fire code.
2. Herfnerd
Most hotel rooms in NYC are limited to four people in the room due to fire codes and small rooms. Space is at a premium - they won't allow five.

And most hotels have two double beds rather than queens, so even then, the four will have a tight fit .
3. Dan H
call the hotel and ask. They may be able to put in a rollaway bed for you. They may have to upgrade the room for you.