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A good 4 & 5 star hotel at Long Beach,CA?


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1. ✿Donna❀
The new Avia hotel is gorgeous and offers a host of amenities. A friend just moved into a building behind the Avia hotel. We took the opportunity to go in and explore this new hotel, while checking out her new neighbourhood. We were Very Impressed with the Avia!

Besides the hotel itself, if you stay at the Avia, you'll be withing convenient walking distance of The Pike, trendy Pine Ave, and Ocean Blvd. Lots of shops, restaurants, and movie theaters are just outside of the hotel. The Long Beach Convention Center is about a block away. The Aquarium of The Pacific is about 2½ blocks away. Shoreline Village is about a 20 minute walk away. Some of the upper floor rooms also have views of the Queen Mary, and Shoreline Village. For getting around the area, The Blue line, and Passport shuttle bus is available. Most of the Passport bus routes are actually free! You'll have pay the fare, if you travel East of Alamitos Blvd. There is also water taxi service (fare currently $1 for the boat, $5 for the catamaran) by boat or catamaran to Alamitos Bay, and the Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary is also a grand hotel, as well as a tourist attraction. But not quite as conveniently located to the center of all the attractions, and nightlife as the new Avia is.

There is also The Hotel Maya, up the street from The Queen Mary. I haven't been inside this hotel, since it became the Hotel Maya. It used to be The Coast hotel, and was always very nice, and popular for weddings, since it had/has a ballroom facing the water. However, when it was The Coast hotel, it was only a three star hotel. Supposedly, as The Maya Hotel, it's become a world-class, luxury hotel.
2. Muppet
If you like trendy boutique hotels than try the Varden or the AVIA. They both get good reviews. The Hotel Maya is also nice although I haven't been in it since they renovated it recently.

If you like chain hotels we've got Westin, Renaissance, Hilton and Hyatt.
3. West of Encino
queen mary.