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Age requirements and hotels in Savannah?

Is there an age requirement to rent a hotel room for a night in Savannah Ga, (US)? I thought you had to be 21, but recently I've been hearing that that's not completly true. I'm going to be heading down there from NC, and being able to stay the night instead of making the 4 hour drive back that same day...


Answer (4):

1. Hotwad 980
No...you just need to be 18 in order to get a room. Most hotels in the US that have mini bars keep them locked up with a separate key that they give you according to age, but you're 21 so don't worry about it.
2. summer_00_butterfly
I have never heard of having to be 21 to rent a hotel room. I've always heard that it's 18. My friend works at the Best Western in my city, Madison, WI and the age requirement there is 18. If you go to a really crappy motel, they might even let you rent at a younger age as long as you have the money up front.
3. ?
4. Denny O
you have to be 18 in order to drink alcohol 21