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All-inclusive hotels in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Are there any all-inclusive hotels in Fort Lauderdale?
I want to visit with my family for a weekend but we prefer to have everything (meals, drinks etc) included in our price.
Recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Answer (3):

1. Amused Contestant
There are no all-inclusive hotels in Fort Lauderdale. Many hotels don't even have a restaurant because there's so many different places to eat around town. Budget yourselves accordingly.
2. FlamingoMap.com
All-inclusive is not exactly a widespread concept here among hotels. At best you can expect continental breakfast thrown in, and that would be mostly in chain hotels. I recommend you look for a hotel with a Restaurant/Café within, not sure it would save you any money, but at least it would be convenient. The Pelican Grand Beach Resort is one such place that comes to mind (I never stayed there, but I love their restaurant and café) Not exactly cheap though (I mean the hotel, the food is very affordable) But anyway, like others said, so many restaurants in town, with such a wide array of prices, if I were you I wouldn't worry so much about "all-inclusive"
For an interactive map of the accomodations in Fort Lauderdale Beach, I invite you to check out this link: http://tiny.cc/kiqv8
And also, for the restaurants, this one: http://tiny.cc/wctp3w0da6
3. Jamarcus Washington
Motel 6 is always good and cheap, but a lot of dope dealers post up in the back and sell out of the rooms, so get a front side... and its safe dont worry