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Any anonymous gay hotels in atlanta?

My boy friend and I are trying to spend a night or two in a gay place (gey hotel or resort) in/near Atlanta, GA where we can be ourselves. But since we are closetted, we would like to stay at places where they dont ask for credit cards or names/address. We do not want to leave a trail. Any suggestions ? gay...


Answer (3):

1. Tim F
I didn't know hotels had sexes and genders. When hotels mate, what do they produce??? Convenient stores?

This is an unrelated question, but:
If gays what to be taken seriously by mainstream society, asking for anonymous sex is not really helping your plight now is it? It's actually re enforcing the general notion that gays are hedonistic, unstable, and irresponsible. Good job there.
2. Raynebow_Diva
Google the GAYpages. Atlanta has an actual phone book filled woth LGBT catered businesses, hotels, etc... They should have a website.
3. blatinofreak
I'd love to respond but then it wouldn't be anonymous anymore, now would it?

Email me for more info.