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Any good cheap safe hotels anyone can recommend in new york?

going in the summer time for the first time for about 4 nights or so


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1. Sam Darren
Cheap, clean, and safe? Try the Best Western Hotel on Greenpointe Ave. in Queens. I went 5 years ago to visit relatives. My relatives dont have room. So I stayed at the Best Western. It was $75 per night, but that's cheap for "CLEAN" hotels. It's a few blocks from the freeway, and just less than a mile driving on the freeway will lead you under the tunnel where you can drive over to Manhattan in about ten minutes.

I couldnt afford even a "Motel" in Manhattan, so it was nice to have something adjacent right across the river in Queens. Oh...the hotel is also across from a cemetary, so there's not a lot of noise (laugh). And the hotel has a "FREE" open parking lot.

Every morning at 5:00 A.M. they serve continental breakfast. You can go down to the breakfast room and get free coffee, juice, donuts, muffins, bagels, and cereal & milk.
Next year I plan to visit NY again in April, and I plan to stay there again. I hope this helps.
After calling around to hotels with rates of $80 and $90 & up per night for one person, I think I found a good deal. While visitng I saw other sleazy cheap hotels. But I wouldn't stay in them. The Best Western on Greenpointe ave. is a good choice.
2. qh_ponygirl
Try looking up information on hostels in New York. You may have to share a bathroom or a room with someone, but it will save you a lot of money. And, in NYC, you are never really in your room. :) The size of the rooms and number of people you would share with will vary by the hostel. A couple years ago I stayed at the Big Apple Hostel. I stayed in a room with 4 total people (including me), the bathroom was across the hall. Everything was clean and safe, and only about a block and a half from Times Square. I think the rate was around $30 a night. Before that I was in NYC for 3 weeks for a class and we all stayed at the YMCA. The YMCA is another place to check out, they have hostel type lodging as well as single rooms. Hope this helps...good luck and have fun!
3. Fyizan
If you are still looking to rent a room, contact me by skype, as we can suggest you exactly what are you need within your budget. Mine Skype ID: lobanov.karl
4. Marie R
A couple of my friends have stayed in the pod hotel and thought it was great. www.thepodhotel.com
It's does bunk and double rooms and has one of the best ratings for a the lower priced hotel in NY - see tripadvisor.com