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Any info on weekly rooms (hotels) in San Jose, CA for under $200 per week?

Hi, Im moving to San Jose in about a week and looking for a decent hotel or extended stay situation. Where I am now (Georgia) we have weekly hotel rooms from $139.99 to $350. depending on what you want. I cannot afford anything over $200. per week, any suggestions? I'm sure some will say you get what you pay...


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1. Elizabeth
Like you said...you get what you pay for. That said, there is a place in downtown San Jose called Mother Olson's Inn that rents by the week. The rates start at $135 per week. I do not know anyone who has ever stayed there so I cannot say that it is good or bad.

72 N 5th St
San Jose, CA
(408) 998-0223
2. patton
Working a lot in San Jose I stay in many hotels here. Expect to pay $250.00 after taxes weekly for roach motels.
The White House Inn, the White Way Inn, Mission Motel, Sand's Motel, etc.
Except for the White Way (Oakland BLVD) all are located on Monterey Hwy which is close to downtown.
Mother Olsen's is nicest but vacancy, safe parking, cooking are a problem.
3. Leather
Here are some that you might consider:
Holiday Inn Express on Monterrey Road in San Jose.
Hilton Hotel in down town San Jose(on San Carlos Street).
<Am sure you can call the 800 number for prices>
Fairamont Hotel in down town San Jose(President Clinton stayed here when he was in town).
St. Claire Hotel on San Carlos & Market Street in down town San Jose.
There are also Embessy Suites in the area as well.
De Anza Hotel in down town San Jose on Santa Clara Street.(newly remolded)(also good jazz on some week nights).
Also check out Homestead Suites in Milpitas(has small kitchens-and close to freeways and resturants).
All the down town hotels that I mentioned are within walking distance from each other.Plus, you'll be close to the night life in the down town area.
4. Meira
This area is EXPENSIVE. I can't imagine you could find anything for that price. You might consider going to craigslist.com and seeking rental information, maybe as a boarder, although I think that's rare. Be sure to look on a map and see where things are because there are so many towns here. Enjoy your move!
5. student
yeah, maybe a hostile outside the city would be your best bet...i havent heard of anything remotely that cheap around here and ive lived in this place my whole life
6. Mr. Naughty
I read something similar here.
Hope it helps.