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Anyone going to tokio hotel in new york at roseland ballroom?

october 30th?

k, so does any one know like, a good time to get there.... and i want to be near the front... but its a five hour drive. so what time? bcuz ik a lot of people are planning on going really erly

can you push your way up there?


Answer (2):

1. Eden
TH shows are insane. TH shows in NY are downright frightening, I'll tell you that now. (And I'm a pretty seasoned concert goer. Mosh pits never scare me- but Tokio Hotel fangirls are 10x scarier than the most violent mosh pit I've ever been in) I went to their first show in NY on Feb. 18th there and am going to this one as well.

I can tell you this: the earlier you get there, the better. No doubt there will be a line half a mile long by 7am the morning of the show. BUT, even if you're at the end of the line, its possible to get up to the front without too much effort. You're thinking 'I'll just push my way up', but also know that the other possible 3,200+ people there will be thinking the exact same thing. There is a massive amount of pushing, shoving, groping, clothes-ripping, hair pulling, biting, scratching...the fans are crazy. If you're going with a friend, you will more likely than not get separated in the shoving, and that shoving doesn't stop. It lasts the whole show.

My advice: Get there when you can. I got there 2 hours before the last show in NY and still got up front without really trying. (I don't push...more like slither actually ^^) Regardless, even if you're in the back, you'll still be able to see them and still have an amazing time, trust me. I'm already looking forward to that frenzy XD
2. Baeby
im not going to the one in new york but the one in orlando florida! hope u have fun! im excited :D my first concert XD