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Are Hotels in New York more expensive for Christmas and NYE?


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1. ?
not just in NY but everywhere else in the country too!
2. Eddi
Yes but here are some ideas to save money.

1. Hotels in New York will be incredibly expensive for New Years Eve. there is nothing you can do about this. They will be cheaper if you do not look for a room the nights of the 31 and January 1, unless you want to stay in a nearby place like New Jersey or Queens and take a cab or train in.

Christmas can be less expensive, but still high.

2. If you book a trip in a travel service like Hotwire, Priceline, or Expedia, and include airfare, you can save a lot of money.

3. Are you sure you want to go to New York then? Things are crowded. I would go before Christmas after Thanksgiving, when the window displays are just as nice-- but the crowds are far less.
3. Jamerican Steve
Absolutely! Especially in Times Square.
A hotel that cost US$150 now is over US$300 then.
The same goes for Valentines, Thanksgiving and Independence Day.

Since you will use the hotel mostly for sleeping, book a hotel within 30 minutes.
Why pay hundreds of dollars for a room which will be empty?
4. Native New Yorker
Of course they are. Hotel price go up the day after Thanksgiving, therefore, if you want to spend the holidays in the Big Apple, I would suggest you start saving your money right now.

Good luck
5. Beautiful girl
I'm sure they are. Everyone loves making a fast buck at Christmas and New Year's. LOL>
6. ?
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good luck!.....