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Are there any good and cheap extended stay or monthly rate hotels in phoenix az?

We are moving to phoenix in the coming months. My husbands new job wants him down there sooner than we thought. He really doesnt want to rent/share a room with someone he doesnt know. Are there any good extended stay or monthly rate hotels that wont break the bank? We've looked at a few that are running about...


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1. Dave
Try either of the Extended Stay America motels located on 1. East Oak Street or on North 44th Street in Phoenix. Both have suite style rooms with a nice pool and all the necessary cooking facilities. Both aren't too far from the Airport either.
You can always try this website called www.extendedstayer.com

They get hotels to bid on your extended stay right into your free account with them. I used them on my extended stay in Sacramento and they saved me 40% off published rates.
3. Jakob the Liar eats Gumbo Shrimp
Search for a cheaper nightly rate here, and then contact the hotel directly for a monthly rate if you like:

4. Bridget E
There's alot of them around the south side of the airport. Just gotta worry about shootings & robberies & such.
Try phoenix.craiglist.org & search for a month to month house to rent or backpage.com & click on Phoenix.

Hopefully these will help you.
5. GWB
They got Warren Houses which are like apts.
For your money you are looking at cheap motels on Van Buren with drugs and hookers!
$400.00 per month will get in in the high crime areas, if that.
6. guitar_man_s
You Can Stay It My house If You Want (Seriously)