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Are there any hotels in Orlando, FL...?

that have a check-in age at 18 years old?



Answer (7):

1. Katlyn ♥ Disney
My boyfriend and I went on our first vacation alone, without other adults/parents, last summer. We went to Walt Disney World and stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. We were only 18 then, and we went again this summer... so apparently you don't have to be 21 to check in to these Resorts. Any of the Walt Disney World Resorts will allow you.
2. A Lady @ ALL Times
You may want to call around to various hotels in that area.
3. kgreives
Please explain what you are asking? check in age at 18? makes no sense hun. there are a ton of hotels in Orlando
4. ga_c_couple
doubt it most require 21 and a credit card
5. btlrboyz
call the hotel and ask~~~
6. momof3grmomof1
sure there's several i'm sure...u would need a credit card though
7. old school