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Are there any hotels in San Diego with airport and cruise terminal shuttles?

We will be flying into SD on a Saturday and leaving on a Sunday cruise. We really don't want to rent a car so need a hotel that offers shuttles for airport and cruise terminal port. Have found plenty that offer airport, but have not found any that say they offer cruise port shuttle.


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1. Av8trxx
Stay at the Holiday Inn on the Bay- it is LITERALLY across the street from the S.D. Cruise Terminal. You can walk it in two minutes. They also have an airport shuttle.


As you can see in this photo, it'sthisclosetotheship!

Holiday Inn on the Bay
1355 Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-3861

Here is a map-
2. jerry
The city's airport bus goes right past the cruise terminal port and stops there, too. It would seem most any shuttle going to the airport would drive right past the place. Ask the hotel if the airport shuttle would drop you off at the port. You could take the shuttle to the airport and then go back to the port by bus. The bus is $2.25.

The airport in San Diego is literally downtown and so is the harbor. Find a hotel in the area and everything will be close by.
3. Dave
I would inquire at the Super 8 Bayview Motel in the Little Italy section of San Diego. Actually it's located at 1835 Columbia Street , which is just one mile from the Harbor Drive Cruise ship docking area. They do have an Airport Shuttle Van and they take people to the nearby Zoo so with your larger group I'll bet that they'd agree to take you all to that Cruise Terminal?
4. chelebeee
The cruise terminal is super, super close to the airport. I'm surprised that the hotels you are looking at don't, but in that light, you can always take a taxi.
5. ♥AsH♥
I don't know if they offer the terminal shuttles but it is Right next to the airport...

Hope you have a good trip!

Edited..The person under me is right..I really misread what you wrote..The Holiday Inn is right next to the cruise port..You could walk it..