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Are there any hotels located in Long Beach, Ca right on the beach?


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1. A Hunch
I don't believe that Zoe has ever been to Long Beach or seen any of the places she is recommending. Or she is somehow connected to these places. One my sister stayed at and still complains about how nasty it is and another is in the ghetto....

The Beach Plaza is almost directly on the sand. It is a super old place. As someone on TripAdvisor said it's a "really really nice dive".

Besides this place I don't think there are any places on near the sand, most are near the water:
Queen Mary (the real Queen Mary) - on the port side of LB / looking towards downtown
Hotel Maya - on the port side of LB / looking towards downtown
Courtyard - on the port side of LB / looking towards downtown
Avia Hotel - in downtown 1/4 block from the water
Hyatt - in downtown right across from the water
Seaport Marine - on east side of Long Beach next to the marina. In a great location but the place itself needs to be torn down.

**There are other places in Downtown near the water, but these are the ones I would say are on the water.

Add'l Info: I'm a native and still live in the area... and I almost always agree with Muppet except when she is saying how dirty our beach water is. Much of it is dirty both the Los Angeles River and the Santa Ana River flow right into LB. Plus we have the breakwater which traps the water so it can't clean it self. However, in the most recent rating by Heal The Bay, some of our beaches gots As and the rest got Fs... no in-between in this area.
2. Muppet
We have a gross and polluted beach. The good thing is you won't have to fight the crowds to find a spot.
No, there aren't any hotels on the beach in Long Beach. The Beach Plaza Motel that the other person suggested is strictly a motel. No amenities, just a room.
The Best Westerns aren't even on the water.
For a hotel on the water look into the Hotel Maya and ask for a view of the Queen Mary. Their Fuego restaurant is really good too.
The Queen Mary is also a historic hotel on the water.

Thank you Peedlepup.
A Hunch-I know the most recent Heal the Bay said that the beaches in Long Beach have improved to A ratings, which I'm happy about, but sadly that usually isn't the case. The grates that the city started putting on our storm drains helped immensely with the garbage on the beach. Last year we had several F rated beaches caused by our neighbors upstream dumping pollutants or sewage into the rivers.
3. Peedlepup
About 1/3 of the answers you get in the L.A. travel section come from people that have NEVER been to California, and are simply repeating crap they look up on the net.

On the other hand, as a Los Angeles area resident I've found that over time "Muppet" usually offers the best answer when the topic of Long Beach is asked. She lives there, and knows her stuff. Trust her response, and give her the points.
4. apple
== These are the best hotel in Long Beach, Ca....

= Beach Plaza Hotel
2010 east ocean blvd |
Long beach , California,
United States 90803

= Best Western At The Convention Center
517 e 1st st | Long beach , California, United States 90802

= Best Western Golden Sails Htl
6285 e pacific coast hwy | Long beach , California, United States 90803

= Best Western Of Long Beach
1725 long beach blvd | Long beach , California, United States 90813