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Are there any hotels out here in Long Beach,CA that allow people to have parties?

I want to throw a party with about 10-15 people are there any hotels that will allow us to make some noise and have alcohol?


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1. Dances With Mops 2 - Mop Bucket Boogaloo
Maybe, if you do it in the ballroom and not in the sleeping rooms. This is assuming that you're all over 21.
2. ?
Most hotels let you have parties, so I just need to help you find a hotel, right? Ok, let's begin. So, you want a 5 star hotel, so the party will be rocking. Here are some websites that will help:

1. Hotel- http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lg...
2. Hotel- http://www.queenmary.com/?page=artdecosc...
3. Hotel- http://www.holidayinn.com/hotels/us/en/l...
4. Hotel- http://longbeach.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp
5. Hotel- http://www.aviahotels.com/hotels/longbeach/
6. Hotel- http://www.travelodge.com/Travelodge/control/Booking/property_info?propertyId=07065

Maybe you even want a band! Let me see if I can help!

1. Music- http://www.gigmasters.com/liveband/
2. Music- http://www.britisharts.co.uk/music.html
3. Music- http://www.affordaband.co.uk/Private-Party-Live-Bands.htm

Hope I helped! :)
3. Mad Dog
Would you like to have a noisy party when all you want is some peace and quiet?

Neither do the rest of the tourist that come to visit LA, so please show some respect to them.

And, no. NO HOTEL would want to rent to people like that.
4. Paris Hilton
Sure, they rent the small ball rooms just for that sort of thing. They will provide the alcohol, DJ and/or a band if you want...Whose credit card is it going on ???