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Are there any reasonable hotels near the cruise port in Long Beach, CA - within walking distance?

We are going on a carnival cruise in January and need a hotel.


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1. Truck
Within walking distance the only hotel near the cruise terminal is the Queen Mary. However, Long Beach has a free shuttle that runs from the downtown area to the cruise terminal. It operates daily from 5:30am to 12:00am every 10-20 minutes. Having the shuttle available makes all the downtown hotels more convinient. while not within walking distance they are available and you can bring your luggage on the shuttle with you. I have done it.
2. Zef H
The two closest hotels to the Carnival dock are the Queen Mary which is right next door and the Coast Hotel which is about 1/2 mile away. The Coast Hotel is located where the green arrow is in the upper left of the photo (link below). The Carnival dock is to the right of the white dome on the far right of the photo ...

3. travel guy
I have clients that constantly cruise from Long Beach - if fact, they're going on the New Year's cruise on Carnival's Paradise.

They always request that I book them at the Crown Plaza, using their "Stay/Park/Cruise" package. If you're not familiar with these packages (and they're available in almost all US cruise ports), they include 1-night lodging, parking for the entire length of your cruise, and round-trip shuttle service to the cruise terminal. Many include other amenities such as breakfast or a bottle of wine. These are very popular packages - we sell a lot of them.

Ask your travel agent to book you in the Crown Plaza - I think you'll enjoy it!
4. Muppet
Staying on the Queen Mary is the only place that is within walking distance of the cruise port.
I stayed at the Queen Mary in April, and loved it. It is an old Cunard ship and was featured on Entourage... Its beautiful, and the rooms are a nice size, its also supposedly haunted, but I never saw any ghosts or goblins. I took some GREAT pictures at the hotel, and it was super close to the dock. DON NOT stay in LA it is waaay too far from the ship docks!
6. cruise junkie
well if you want to, take there shuttle, to the pier try the best western or the holiday inn or some of the other major hotels all have them call or check there web sites