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Beachfront Hotels Lake Michigan?

Coming from Louisville, Ky wanting to stay beachfront room at Lake Michigan.


Answer (2):

1. JAH
I live in Michigan City Indiana on Lake Michigan. We don't have any hotels on the beach, but we do have alot of people renting out their beach homes on Lake Michigan or Beach homes that are a short walking distance to the beach. Homes in Beach Walk are beautiful, but they are not on a the beach, Lakeshore drive will be along the beach and beachwalk homes are perpendicular to lakeshore drive, They have a community pool and it is a short pier walk to the beach.
2. Anthony The Clown
Nader's Lakeshore Motor Lodge is a great hotel.
It is rated 4 stars out of five

some complaints had to do with the cleansliness but only a few were like that the rest were pretty good

phone number is: (231) 843-8757‎

address is: Luddington Michigan
612 North Lakeshore Drive

prices should be very cheap and it is byu the shore with a great view