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Best hotel casino in Reno, NV?

We usually stay at the Summit at the Grand Sierra, but are considering the Peppermill since they have completed their remodel. What do you think and why? Especially would like opinions from people who have stayed at both properties.


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That's a tough question. I've stayed at both places, but end up going back to the Peppermill more often (and not just for the promotional deals and sometimes better casino odds).

Even though the Peppermill is a bigger resort, and can get noisy and crowded, it's much more of a fun scene. The biggest disadvantage is how far from downtown it is, but if you like staying at the Grand Sierra, you probably won't mind the Peppermill's out-of-the-way location.

If you want to compare both hotels without their casinos, the Grand Sierra is more luxurious and has better restaurants, in my opinion. But the Peppermill's recently renovated rooms are nothing to sneeze at, and their 24-hour coffee shop is tops.