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Best Hotel to stay at in San Jose, CA?

Does anyone know of a romantic hotel in San Jose, CA to stay in for Valentines Day?
We want something that's not too pricy.
But, again, very romantic.
Thanks :)


Answer (7):

1. kell♥
Ok Ive edited my answer and thought of a way better hotel.

Hotel Valencia in Santana row. Ive never been but my friend went and she ssaid it was beautiful, its in Sanatna Row you you two could go see a movie, eat at Maggianos, shop a little all in a beautiful area. The rooms have large TV's and fur on the beds for that luxury feel. There are great views and you two would have access to the rooftop and be able to see the city. It would definetly be my number one choice for a romantic hotel.

Its arond 200-350 a night, yeah its alot but you get what you pay for.
2. <3<3
Someone said the Moorpark hotel, but let me tell you it is in undesirable area, not romantic at all.
Hotel Valencia is a very modern, yet pricey hotel, that is located in a hot spot (on a row with expensice shops and restaurants).
the Fairmont hotel is located in central downtown SJ and is very nice.
other hotels downtown
- SAn Jose Marriot
- San Jose Hilton
-Hotel De Anza

Another hotel outside SJ is the Hotel Los Gatos which is in a really cute town.
3. ~**Athena's Mommy**~
Definitely Hotel Valencia or try the Fairmont. I prefer Valencia though since you can go to the V Bar and get a drink (they're so yummy there!)
4. Supergirl_22_98
The Fairmont is very nice and also the Hotel de Anza
5. George Y
The Moorpark Hotel suites your needs well. Read the reviews here.
6. William H
You should try the Hayes Mansion.
7. ♥ Steff ♥
5 star hotel.