I'm looking to go to the Georgia Aquarium and maybe six flags also in March and I'm looking to stay at a nice affordable safe hotel! If anyone has any suggestions from prior experience let me know! Thanks


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1. mottthedog
McCoy has some good points. What you didn't let us know is, how many people in your party. Is it just you, a couple or a family. Could make a difference on choices.

Downtown Atlanta's hotels are usually business oriented. Thus, if you're coming on a weekend, you can get some really good deals. When I travel, if possible, I like to stay in an Embassy Suite hotel . Rates are always competitive, the breakfasts are included and are fantastic and the rooms are great as well. The one in downtown is within walking distance of the Aquarium, as well as several other places you might like....Phillips Arena and the Georgia Dome. Check them out to see if there is an event, a basketball game or a concert going on while you're here that you might like to attend.
2. mccoyblues
The hotels near Six Flags are all low budget, the area near the Aquarium are the exact opposite. High end. I suggest you stay near the Cumberland Mall area in Marietta. It is centrally located close to both attractions. It is in an area with lots of restaurants, shopping, movies and things to do at night. There are hotels in every price range and the area is safe.

Go to any discount travel site and search for the Cumberland mall area, Cobb county or Marietta.
3. potatochip
I suggest you check out http://www.hotels.com and http://www.tripadvisor.com to get an idea of which ones are highly regarded by those who stayed there. We stayed at a LaQuinta Inn in Atlanta and it wasn't too bad.