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Best Universal Hotel?

What do you think is the best on-site hotel for Universal Studios(Orlando, FL). I am looking at Hard Rock Hotel....Has anyone stayed there? What was your experience?


Answer (2):

1. Worry Free Disney
The Hard Rock Hotel is an excellent choice when staying at Universal. Like all three Universal Hotels, the Hard Rock is owned and operated by Loew's and is a four-diamond property. It is the closest of the Universal hotels to the parks -- just a 5 minute walk. The atmosphere is very vibrant and fun. The rooms are spacious and luxurious and the pool area is amazing!

I have been to all three Universal on-site hotels and the Hard Rock is actually my favorite. The "vibe" is very energetic and fun. They even have full-scale concerts in the lobby once a month! I also love walking around looking at all of the memorabilia.

You can't go wrong with any of the Universal hotels, but Hard Rock is definitely my favorite!
2. Lilli
Both are Loew's hotels, so they are very similar as far as options and amenities. It really depends more on the theme that you are looking for. Hard Rock tends to be a *little* younger, meaning young adults and teens, but really both are super-nice and you should just go with the theme you like best.