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Can a 17 year old check into any hotels in Orlando Fl if parents ok it?

I have 3 students that want to go to Disney for spring break in April and we can't seem to find any hotels that they can check into. What if I secure it with my own credit card and give permission?


Answer (3):

1. ajsmommy
I believe hotels have to abide by laws that don't allow children under 18 to check in. Some even require you to be 21. Or it could be the fact that hotels just don't want unsupervised teenagers in their rooms.

I wish you luck, but you are going to have a hard time finding a hotel ok with this.
2. Rememberme
If the parent OK it, why don't you have the parents check them in first and after that, I don't think the Hotel really care whether the parents are there or not as long as they leave an inprint of their credidt card. If the parents are not with the 17 years old boys, a letter of consent probably is not sufficient as they did not meet the mininum age requirement.
3. SkyeBlue
If you secure it with your own credit card you will be totally liable for any expenses they incur, plus if they make any long distance phone calls, order room service, drink from a minibar, order pay-per-view movies or do any damage to the room the hotel will charge that to YOUR credit card.

I think it is a nice gesture but I would seriously reconsider it.