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Can I book a hotel room with a prepaid Visa card, and give a cash deposit?

I am planning a trip to Jacksonville, FL this summer, I am going by myself to visit a friend but I am only going to be 18 in June so I do not have a credit card I only have a debit card but I do no want to use that to book my hotel because of the hold they put on it for the deposit, I don't want to lose access...


Answer (3):

1. Go with the flow
1. Most hotels will require you to be 21 or older to check in.
ID required.
Some nicer ones 25 (resort type).
So call the hotel first.

2. The damage deposit can be as much as 3 night stay.
Call the hotel first to find out the damage deposit.

3. Note. They hold that deposit even with any kind of gift card.
That money is not for you to use while that hold is on the card.
That part confused me.
Do not give anyone any cash ever in your life.
An employee on the last day could pocket that money and say they never go it.

4. Have a credit card in case of an emergency. Such as a flat tire with a bad rim off the side of the interstate where you might need a tow truck.
A tow truck will not move you unless you have funds.
2. bdancer222
To use the prepaid card, you will have to have enough money on the card to cover the hotel's hold. Using a prepaid card will just add the cost of whatever fees that prepaid card has. You won't be able to use the cash whether is on hold on the prepaid or on your bank debit card.

Use your card to book the reservation and then pay cash when you get to the hotel.
3. ?
Use the prepaid to hold the hotel and when pay in cash to check out, it will cancel itself out.