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Can I use my sister's ID for hotel instead?? Consequences?

Ok. Was just wondering if I can use my sister's ID to book a hotel. I mean would it be fine for me because she will be fine with that and I can get a letter from her if I get caught and they can call her. The reason is ask is because the hotel has special promotions and I already got the promotion and have...


Answer (2):

1. 13thRowPyro
No. Using another person's ID is illegal. Would it be worth getting the promotion & getting arrested, fined, going to jail, etc.? You cannot get permission to use a person's ID-it's theirs & theirs only. You'd be assuming her identity.

It's also fraud to obtain the special promotion since u've already received it...for which the hotel could press charges.

It doesn't matter if she's "ok" with it. It's not something she can legally give u permission to use.

Come on now...u know it's not a good idea or you wouldn't be trying to circumvent the law & be sneaky about it. However, you can risk it...but those are mighty harsh penalties to get a special promotion.
2. loveofmylife
You lost me at you got the promotion ans she did not. How then does it benefit you to use her identification to check in? It would seem you would lose the promotion if you do that. Meanwhile, she can prebook and pay for your room if she is capable of doing so but whatever damage you do she will be held legally and financially responsible for. And if you turn out to be a minor this will in no way authorize you to make charges in addition to the room itself. To be honest the credit card is only used as a security in case you do not pay your bill. You should bring cash for room services and alike to make a prepayment and then there will be no arguments. Good Luck.