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Can you recommend a nice, reasonably priced hotel in Atlanta GA?

It is a romantic weekend getaway. I would really like a room with a big tube (*wink*). This is my first time booking a room-I don't know what I am doing.


Answer (2):

1. Craig B
I guess the question is what do you consider a reasonable price? I am also assuming by "big tube" you mean jacuzzi (a bit freudian I think... tube for tub). I did a very quick search in Hotels.com for Suites checking in on Saturday and out on Sunday. The Best Western Granada Suite Hotel Midtown is right in Downtown Atlanta. They have a Jacuzzi Suite for $132 per night on a Saturday. This is actually a lot more reasonable than I would have imagined you could get. If this is not what you meant, then you probably need to look more to the suburbs, as hotels in Atlanta are pretty expensive. Hotels.com should give you all the info you need. Have fun.

-Edit- In looking more, I found a couple more websites. I linked below. The Sugar Magnolia B&B looks really nice for around $140. They have two suites with a jacuzzi. It looks really romantic too. I did a search in Yahoo! Local for "hotel +jacuzzi +atlanta" and got the link below. Should give you some more options, though them being reasonable in price is unknown
2. Patricia S
Hotels.com should be a place you could start