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Cheap hotels in los angeles, ca?

a romantic hotel


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1. paulfriedman7
Cheap = Not romantic. Unless you're willing to cough up big bucks, settle for a decent, but not romantic motel. Use the money saved to take your sweetheart out to a nice restaurant.

2. I Like Buter '_'
When i got to LA i stay at the brookhurst plaza inn its really fancy in the inside when You check in and stuff it has this huge stairs in the lobby,some rooms have jacuzzis in the middle of the rooms like with curtains and stairs a huge pool outside,meeting rooms,And much more!its a quiet hotel to so i dont think theres gonna be anyone bothering you to.Btw its cheap and theres bunch of rooms like with 2 bedrooms of any size,one bedroom,Jacuzzi room lol,and much more heres a links to it and some of them are pics i found and one of them is the real website and the other is the info how to get there btw there all very nice workers its located in Anaheim



3. Fjhgjuhg Jgnhg
Adventurer hostel/hotel

20 bed dorm $18
4 bed dorm $27
private room $59

all per night

4200 w century blvd, inglewood ca