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Cheap hotels in San Francisco- recommendations?

I will be attending a conference at the Moscone Convention Center in March. The official hotels that are recommended by the organizers are around $150 a day. Is there anything cheaper in the area? It does not need to be too close, as long as there is public transportation to the Convention Center.


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1. Spaceball Ricochet
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Um... http://www.daysinn.com/DaysInn/control/B... 3 ranging from $55-72/night. The first 2 are pretty easy; Grove St take the 21 bus (block away) to Market and the F, 9, or any underground line (along Market) to 4th/Powell Station, walk 2 blocks (also walking distance, really) and Lombard take the 22 to Geary, 38 along Geary to Market, walk a couple blocks. The 3rd is way the hell out there but actually the most direct to get to, as the L train line picks you up a few blocks from the hotel and lets you off a couple blocks from the Moscone Center. Several other cheapish hotels in the city, too... please don't take this as an advertisement for Days Inn! Just the first that came to mind and I'm too lazy to look for others. But there are quite a few! Just search around.
2. Redhead
We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the wharf. If you are a priority club member they offer deals; and if you are not a member join as you acquire points whenever you stay at a Holiday Inn and get free nights eventually with enough points. Then you can take the cable car a block or so from the Inn to get to the convention center.
3. silvermist
Man, that's expensive! Just go to any website and pick union sq area. $150 should get a 3- 4 stars.

1.Hilton San Francisco Downtown/Financial District - Downtown. Affordable and cheap.
2. If you have a car, Best Western Grosvenor Airport Hotel – Budget Hotel, parking $3, free breakfast buffet and shuttle to airport/bart. (Remember it’s a budget hotel.)
3. Hotel Kabuki- Japan town.

If you have money, Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Hotel Nikko San Francisco and Le Meridien San Francisco.
=) I stayed at Sir Francis Drake for New Years eve and love it!
4. Vic
When I booked I searched on this site and compared a few sites on it,and I think I saved $100 or so,it may help u too, http://freetravel4ever.blogspot.com
5. Lynda

Or what about a bed & breakfast place?


Wonder if this motel is as good as it's ratings say it is.
6. desz
travel lodge
7. Annett
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