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Cheaper hotels near Union Square in San Francisco, CA?

I want to stay near Union Square in San Francisco, like within a mile or so, but the hotels there are so expensive. Anyone know of a decent hotel that's not sleezy nearby for perhaps under $100 a night?


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1. ds1976
These are the cheapest hotels near Union Square in San Francisco, CA. Though the rates change each day that you have to check.

Hotel North Beach San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hot...

Aida Plaza Hotel San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hot...

Civic Center Inn San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hot...

Halcyon Hotel San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hotel/Halcyon_Hotel_San_Francisco.htm

Post Hotel San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hotel/Post_Hotel_San_Francisco_California.htm

Abigail Hotel San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hotel/Abigail_Hotel_San_Francisco.htm

Layne Hotel San Francisco http://hotels.americacheaphotels.com/Hotel/Layne_Hotel_San_Francisco.htm
2. Lucinda King
Hotel Carlton, $79 per night? Bullshit! Its rate on Expidia.com starts from $139 per night, ok?

Hi, AshAsh, I have checked on Google Map and found that the Union Square is just within Downtown San Francisco, with a lot of restaurants, entertainment and shopping nearby. So personally, getting a decent yet cheap hotel within this area is really not an easy thing :(

I have searched online for a good while, but still failed to find cheap hotels under $100 per night close to Union Square. Personally, I suggest you to give a thought to other districts. Listed below are several cheap yet quality hotels close to Downtown area.

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites-San Francisco/Golden Gate
Best Western Civic Center Motor Inn
Comfort Inn By the Bay
Embassy Hotel
Holiday Inn San Francisco

Or you can click the following link for more options:

Hope anyone else can give you an exact answer! Good luck!
3. Flower
A mile is not near Union Square any more, and it is a long way to walk there.

Hotel Carlton
1075 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 673-0242

$79 a night
4. Edson
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