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Disney - Hotels within walking distance from Saratoga Springs Orlando FL?

I am looking to go to Disney for Vacation. People i know are staying at Saratoga Springs, it is a very pricey hotel. I would like to be able to stay in a more cost efficient hotel , but still be able to walk over and hang out with them by the pool or what not. I am in pretty good shape so a five-ten min walk is...


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1. dr_nigel_c
The closest is the Downtown Disney Hilton -- it's just across the street from Downtown Disney, which is just down from Saratoga Springs...


The Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa is also in the area -- it's actually physically closer to Saratoga Springs (as the crow flies), but may be a farther walk...

The "Downtown Disney" area hotels are non-Disney owned hotels that are still on Disney property. They have varying price ranges, but you don't get all the perks that Disney-run resort guests get.

Saratoga Springs is a Disney-run resort, and it's considered to be in the top-level of the Disney resorts (there are Value, Moderate and Deluxe -- Saratoga Springs is a Deluxe).

So...staying in the Downtown Disney area is generally cheaper than staying at SSR, and you said you want to be within walking distance -- well, the DTD hotels are the only place that is within walking distance (all of the other Disney-run resorts on property are spread out in other areas).
2. Natterjack9
If you are going to spend the money to stay at one of the hotels on Lake Buena Vista blvd. near Downtown Disney, why not just stay at Saratoga Springs. Those hotels are very pricey as well, and they don't offer the same perks and amenities as staying at a Disney resort, let alone Saratoga Springs! If your friends are staying at Saratoga they can take advantage of the free shuttle to and from the airport, they can use the Extra Magic hours, they have use of the Disney transportation. You will not. If you go to the parks and want to take advantage of the late Extra Magic hours they can stay while you have to leave. Is it worth it? (Extra Magic hours are for Disney resort guests only, you have to show your Disney Key to the World. I also had to show an I.D. so that I could prove that it was mine.) I was just at Saratoga over Easter break (it is my home resort for the Disney Vacation Club) and it is by far my favorite of all the Disney resorts. For what you are going to spend at the other places you could spend a couple bucks more and stay at Saratoga.

Have a great trip!!
3. Maria
Glad you cleared up where Saratoga Springs is! LOL

Look, I'm going to be honest with you and I live in Orlando...Anywhere in the Downtown Disney premesis is going to be PRICEY!

There's is no chance that you will be able to find something cheap within walking distance of them.

You will need a car to go back and forth to and from. The closest area you can stay is going to be in the Lake Buena Vista area. Do a search online and look for Hotels/Motels in the area.

Good luck and enjoy your stay here in Orlando!