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Do you have to be 21 or 18 in order to rent a hotel room?

I was going to stay at either the Atlantis, or Eldorado, in Reno CA. Not sure if an 18 year old can or not.


Answer (7):

1. David14
Depends on the hotel's policy.
2. Big hands Big feet
18 but yoiu usually need a credit card in case you break something.

Reno is in Nevada,
You cant go in the casino unless you are 21 though.
3. me
18 is old enough.

Now remember that whoever rents the room is 100% responsible for the minors (that includes underage drinking), and for whatever they break, drink, or eat.

So, don't rent the room unless you are willing to take the responsibility.
4. Bill
If you are 18 years old or older and have a major credit card you should be able to rent a room on your own.
5. KB
Generally you need to be over 18, I would check with the hotel because hotels have different policies.
6. ss4444gogeta
You must be 18 to be able to check out a hotel room on your own.
7. Hiro
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