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Does anybody know a cheap but cute Hotel in KeyWest, FL?

I am looking for a cheap but cute little Hotel in KeyWest which you most likely can't find online. I am looking between the price of 40-$75 a night. If you know anything let me know. Thank you.


Answer (5):

1. Mr
Its pretty hard to find prices at that rate in Key West I'm afraid. The best thing I can suggest is to go to www.Priceline.com and choose name your own price. But u might not get a key west hotel as they are all $85 and up...But go there and search to see. Because you still have to choose dates to check in-and out. If not Priceline try Expedia. U will definitely find a good rate at either.
2. Leah Smart Travel
$40-$75 a night in Key West is not an option, nothing really exists in that price range. If you are willing to stay on one of the other more northern keys, or islands than it could be possible depending upon when you are travelling. I would suggest a good Travel Agent to hunt down a deal for you.
3. I Like Stories
$40-$75 per night in Key West? Ain't gunna happen.
4. Jane
There are motels for $ 100 a night.
5. GreatNeck
We use, Tripadvisor, ResortQuest also for our travel needs. They have forums where you can post questions, will get answers, great sites. have a wonderful time!!!!!!