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Does anyone know any cheap good hotels (preferably 3 star/4 star) in Chicago near Union Station?

I will be taking the Amtrak to Chicago from Alton, IL for April 14 to April 15; just me & my mom. I've searched for so many hotels but I was wondering if any of you have heard a deal or know a good hotel at a low price that is near Union station or about a short range of miles from the Amtrak.


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1. Nick - Sox, Bears, Hawks, Bulls
The closest hotel to Union Station is the Holiday Inn located at Canal and Harrison. To get there you walk two blocks south of Union Station. The hotel is on the southside of the Eisenhower Expressway and in front of the post office. The post office is a huge building you'll see the Holiday Inn in a much smaller building in front of it. There is also a stop on the CTA blue line on Clinton directly under the expressway.
2. Richard
Union Station is just across the river, west of the downtown area.

Actually, the "Loop" area is within 1/2 mile from Union Station, and it is safe to walk there at most any time. The Michigan Avenue/Magnificant Mile area (swanky and very safe) is a bit further east, but not particularly far from Union Station. You can take a cab to/from the station for about $5.

There is a useful web site that lists hotel specials in Chicago at: http://www.booking.com/city/us/chicago.e...

(Just copy and paste this address into your browser.)

This site lists the star rating, costs, and details on lots of downtown hotels.
3. Srilakshmi
you should go to www.priceline.com they should help. it asks what price range you are looking for and the nearest hotels around that area
4. Michael B
You must be kidding if you think you will get cheap and also good...