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Does anyone know any Orlando, FL hotels with 18 yr old check in?

I'm going on vacation June 4 through June 8 and I need a decent hotel room for those nights. Only problem is that most around are 21&up and I'm 19. If you know any hotels in the Orlando area that take 18 at check-in please let me know and I will greatly appreciate it.


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1. Krysta
There really arent any hotels that let any one under 21 check in.... the reason bc they usually ask for a credit card and barely anyone under 21 has credit.
What i would do is if one of your parents will put the hotel in their name do that and pay them. thats what i do with my mom. See if they will do that!
2. Victoria
The Seralago Resort in Kissimmee allows guests 18 or older to check in.
Also, all Disney resorts allow you to book(All Star Resorts , Pop Century etc)
Avoid hotels like Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Days Inn - etc because you have to be 21 or over to book those hotels.
I think the Sheraton and any hotels in that grouping (Starwood Hotels I believe) allow you to book at 18 + .
Have a nice vacation!
3. Lilli
Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought there were several hotels that started at 18, as long as you had a credit card or put down a cash deposit. I know the Disney ones start at 18.
4. rb5sigirl
Check with Disney resorts. Look on the internet.