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Does anyone know of a cheap, clean, SAFE hotel near islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL?

Im going on my honeymoon May 3 to May 7th... I need a hotel that is nice cheap and safe near islands of adventure. I am leaving the 7th and I am staying with family on the night of the 6th. Is there anyone that knows of a good place to stay checking in the 3rd out the 6th?? I want to be safe and my neice said...


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1. sha_lyn68
Royal Pacific is my favoret hetel anywhere, but it isn't cheap.
As for the stabbing in front of Wet n Wild: stabbings/crime can happen anywhere. I have stayed in that area twice and have never had a problem. I have even walked around that area with my daugher alone at night.
If you really don't want to spend the money on Royal Pacific I suggest
Riande Continental Plaza if you really just want a cheap no thrills safe place to stay. The chinese restaurant across the street from it is very good, and if you walk toward wet n wild and take a right, there is a really good inexpensive steak place on the right right across the st from Wet n Wild.
If you want to stay somewhere between the 2 extremes, I suggest the clarion

2. darrius1st
the Comfort Suites on Major Blvd. is a great cheap hotel to stay in. It's near everything and right across from Island of adventure. They have great rooms from $49 a night. I stayed with my family and it was great when you are on a budget.
3. Angel Eyes
The cheapest, sfaest and cleanest hotel I can think of is the Double Tree Hotel on Major BLVD and Kirkman Rd. The universal hotels are clean and safe, but definitely not cheap.
4. Disney Queen
Royal Pacific!