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Does anyone know of any decent half board accomodation in New York? The hotels seem way too expensive!!?


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1. Marie
I am not sure what you mean by "half board" accomodations, but there are plenty of hostels available here in the city.

Two that I can recommend are:

Big Apple Hostel
Jazz on the Town (East Village location only)

Here is a link to a list of hostels:

2. Penfold
New Yorkers don't have a concept of half board so you won't find any half board accomodation. New York is expensive, particularly as you get closer to the city and Manhattan. You'll get hostels and shared accomodation of some sort for £20 - £50. You're looking at £70 upwards for your own room and bathroom in a hotel.
3. JoJo
They dont have half board hotels in America the best you will be able to get is room that includes breakfast, the hotels are expensive in New York try searching for hostels or for hotels out of manhattan as this is the most expensive area and theres plenty of transport to get into the centre.

Enjoy your trip
4. rainy-h
Some websites I use a lot for v cheap accommodation all over the world:

don't be put off by the name, it isn't all youth hostels, a lot of cheap hotels and guest houses are on there too, and you can search by availability. Although if there are a few of you a hostel would let you rent a whole dorm or room to yourselves and many hostels these days do have single or twin rooms too.

they often have special offers, 3 nights for the price of 2 and stuff like that.

Great for picking up left over hotel rooms if there are any

If you want to know if a place you're thinking of is any good or might be a craphole, check out
for reviews of hotels from other travellers.

Have a great time!
5. Alexia T
yes The Seton Hotel On 144 E. 40th Street.
Phone Number 1-888-879-2132 $125.00 Per Night Ask for Eddie!!
6. oldyogi
The hotels ARE expensive in NYC, but if you look hard you can find something around $100 with a shared bathroom. If you plan to stay awhile, you might check craigslist for a sublet or someone who is looking to rent out their apartment while they're out of town. I hope you find something so you can enjoy your trip to NY, the greatest city in the world!
7. sedona
As with any big city hotels are expensive, if you want cheap, you'll get a flop house
8. Spotlight
Try the NY tourist board
9. ♥perishedmemories♥
i always walk by this place white house hostel on bowery. it's not as nice as a hotel but it's probably affordable. and the location is good, downtown

or try chinatown
10. shoe s
no this city is for people who have money to visit other kind of tourist are not so welcomed if you don t have money stay home