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Does anyone know of any good cheap hotels in Tampa, Fl?

I would like to stay in Tampa for 7 nights for under $50 per night. I am wondering if there are any discounts that I can take advantage of. I have looked around quite a bit.


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1. Snowman1234
Another one up to the last minute : cheaperthanhotels.com/United-States/Tamp...

Cheapest i could find was around $75 , but for 2 of you that's only $38 each
2. Kristina L
Go to priceline.com and click on "name your own price".

Choose the "airport" area.

Chose 2 star and bid around $30 (I've gotten for as low as $27 and as high as $35 - these prices won't work if it is a holiday or there are big events like the Superbowl or state fair going on)

This will put you in one of the Extended Stay Suites that are very nice, very safe, have a full kitchen and on-site facilities. There are 3 in the airport area and I've stayed at them all.

Priceline will charge you a surcharge but you'll still get a fairly nice hotel at a very low cost.
3. Bub
tripadvisor.com a free site with all the info you could want from real people.
4. smyley
easyclicktravel.com has good deals usually. try it:)