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Does anyone know of any good hotels in orlando or near orlando,Fl?

looking for a reasonable price between $100.00-$150.00


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1. darkness_55
sheraton safari on 535
2. Malloriee x3
if you are going to disney then here are some helpful saving tipss.

1. stay on the grounds. if you stay on the grounds you can stay at a value resort($82 a night) and its the same price as a hotel off grounds. also if you stay on the grounds you can get the meal plan. and free transportation. theres also moderate($149 a night) and deluxe($240 a night).

2. Get the meal plan. this saves you so much money. you only can get this plan if you stay on the grounds. the meal plan is 40 dollers per person per day but this is a money saver with out a doubt. because with this you get a sit down, a snack, and a over the counter. The sit down will usually cost you about $250 for a family of four and an over the counter about $150 for a family of 4 thats if you dont get the meal plan.

3.if you stay on grounds you also get extra magic hours this means you can stay later and go early then other people and you can get on more ridesss. cause theres usually no line. (:

4. transportation is amazing there. the buses come about every 20 minutes usually every 10 minutes and they are labeled to where they are going and they take you there. they run all day. and there comfortableee.

hopeee i helpped.

also, heres a website if you want more information on everything
3. amyams36
If you're planning to go to Disney World I would suggest Disney's Pop Century Resort. It is only about $82 per night and they give your transportation around the Walt Disney World Resort and to your hotel from Orlando International Airport.

Here is Pop Century's Website:

Here are benefits of staying on Disney Property:
4. Milord
Hilton Grand Vacation is a the best affordable place to stay that i know of in that price range. Look into Marriott and Ritz carlton. sometimes they have special winter prices that run in that range.
5. Bubble Gum
ramada west 45d olaars awesome jac. pool. foun. gs. call its the small 1 by the big mermaid g shop!