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Does bonnent creek hotel in orlando have bedbugs?

im staying there this sunday through friday , and im absolutely terrified of bed bugs since im like scared of bugs .


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1. thankyoumaskedman
Do you mean Bonnet Creek? Spelling counts when doing searches.
Bedbug Registry found 58 hotels with bedbug reports. So far none identified by the name Bonnet, Bonnent, or Creek

If you mean the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek here are reviews in Tripadvisor:
There are 397 reviews. A search brought up nothing for bedbugs.

If you mean the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort a search brought up this report:
That is out of a total of 516 reviews on it.
2. NemoRanger
Well They are nice hotels so chances are pretty low. They do have coachroaches and anole lizards though. Of course this is florida so you will see them everywhere. The joy of living in a subtropical climate.