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Driving to New York in December from NC....is traffic really all that bad?? Do hotels have parking decks?

Going to Manhattan, NY.


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1. L
just drive late at night and it should'nt be bad. There are places to park but it's expensive--unless included in your hotel stay. THe worst part of traffic (I think) is when you go )on 95) past the tunnels and try and go over the GW Bridge...I would just try to go very late. !!!
2. Goodache
I used to drive from Maryland (Baltimore County) to New York City each week. I would leave Baltimore about 8 PM on Friday and yes traffic could back up a bit. My suggestions are as follows-

PS If 'Mr. Danger' (a poster on this board) gives you advice on this question TAKE IT. He is a NYer who knows the ropes from where you are comming from. I personally don't know him, but read his car travel stuff and he is better than me.

I95 is the route to take, but once you get close to New York I would not take it to the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel and definitely not to the George Washington. The New Jersey traffic into NYC is a nightmare.

Exit the Jersey Turnpike at at exit 10 (The Amboys Outerbridge Staten Island). When exiting here slow down, the exit splits, follow the signs to route 440 - The Outerbridge Crossing (stay right). Once on 440 follow the signs to the Outer Bridge (stay left) Cross the Outer bridge and go right to the West Shore Expressway. Take the West Shore to the exit for the Staten Island Expressway / Verazano Bridge.

Cross the Upper Level of the Verazano and stay right onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expwy. You can take the BQE to Lower Manhattan (Brooklyn Battery Tunnel) or to the Brooklyn Bridge.

One warning - I had a buddy who insisted I do the driving on the BQE it is a tight road with some rather sharp turns.
3. mr danger
Thank you for the compliment Goodache.
Depending upon where you live in NC ,I-81 N> I-78 E could a vastly superior option to I-95 NB
The reason being w/ the exception of Harrisburg PA I-81 doesn't pass thru or near any big cities enroute.
You will not have to pay any tolls using I-81 >I-78
So if hypothetically going via I-81>I-78 is 75 miles more than using I-95 ,then I-81 will be both faster and cheaper
I need to know your
exact starting & ending points & day of travel before I can do all of this .
4. malosp
It's best not to drive around on Manhattan island. There is enough public transportation options around to where you wont need a car to get around.
If nothing else in parts of Midtown parking is $40 a day plus. The garage across from my office in the Columbus Circle area is $55 per day.
5. postal p
Yes traffic is that bad. Try to drive on the weekend. A weekday will be brutal. Bring your worse car. It could get stolen, carjacked, or at least banged up a little. If you can avoid this, do it.
6. Mel
Traffic always bad in New York just pray it doesn't snow because that will make it worse.
7. NigerianNightmare
Bad idea. The snow will be bad once you get into PA. Roads around towns and cites are good but its a nightmare in the country.
8. Nomeni
Yes, it will take you about 12 hours to get there. Good luck and have fun.
9. [nunu]
traffic is what it is they have parking garages
10. loayzap@sbcglobal.net