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Family-friendly hotels in San Francisco, CA?

Does anybody know of any good family-friendly hotels in San Francisco?


Answer (6):

1. ajtheactress
Try the hotel del Sol.
Pool, free parking, pool side breakfast each morning and special amenities for families and kids.
2. MomSezNo
No, but I have two suggestions. Either Fodor's or Frommer's have a "family friendly" type feature on their website and in their guidebooks, so you might check that. You could also try TripAdvisor.com. They give destination guides and have reviews of hotels from past guests and I've used it many times and never been disappointed. You might also try HomeAway.com - they feature apts/condos for rent and that might be a good option for a family, as you can save some money on breakfast and snacks, etc.

San Francisco is an awesome city - have a great time!

PS: You might also want to check CityPass.com. They have a "combo" ticket for sights in SF that might save you some money [you'll have to calculate it out to see if it will].
3. J.R.
Stay down on Fishermans Wharf. You got the Radisson, Holiday Inn, Hilton.
4. peterpan1012362
Embassy Suites. Especially the spinny-doors. Kids love them!
5. Samuel Ely
try the grand hyatt, very nice hotel, or marriot or check this link for cool ones. http://www.onlyinsanfrancisco.com/
6. judy "ORIGINAL"