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Good hotel for Braves game?

I want to fly into Atlanta in September to take in a Braves game with my son. Can anyone recommend a good, convenient hotel that is either near the airport or near Turner Field, maybe with deals for baseball fans? Also, any advice for traveling between airport, hotel, and ball park ... is it far, are taxis...


Answer (2):

1. sun_shinevt
I would suggest staying in midtown Atlanta (closer to the CNN center, GA aquarium area), the area around the ballfield isn't the safest and neither is the airport area. My suggestion would be to take MARTA from the airport, you should be able to find a stop near most hotels in midtown and they have a MARTA shuttle from Little 5 Points to Turner Field on game days.
2. mottthedog
Part of giving you a good answer, would be to know how long you're in town for...so my answer will be based on you flying in one day, going to the game, and then flying back the next day.

There is every type of hotel you can imagine near the airport...from cheap to 5-star. Most, would have some type of airport shuttle and you'd have to get a cab to the game. Then you'd have to get a cab back from the game...and that's not always the easiest. However, if you could get the hotel shuttle to take you back to the airport, you could take MARTA (our subway system) into town and then get a transfer to the stadium.

There are a couple of hotels directly across the street from the stadium and another one block away. Go to www.turnerfield.stadiumhotelnetwork.com for a look at each of them. This is not an area that you would want to walk around in at night, but they are a very short cab ride to Underground Atlanta/downtown and maybe 10 minutes from the airport.

If you pick any of the airport area hotels that are on Virginia Ave., there are two places that I would recommend to eat at: The BBQ Kitchen for home style food (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and Spondivits www.spondivits.net for dinner or lunch. You can easily expect to pay $4-5 bucks for a dog and the same for a coke at the ball park. A beer will cost you more than a 6-pack!

If you are going to plan to eat at the park, take a look at the tickets they offer with food added in, they might end up being a better value for you.