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Good hotels to stay at in Orlando, FL?

I am 24 years old and my friends and I would like to take a trip to Orlando, Florida. I am looking for a good area for us to stay. Any ideas which hotel we could stay at? Also any suggestions of things we should do in Orlando or around Orlando?


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1. Christina
If you would like to hit Universal Studios and/or Islands of Adventure, you should stay at the Hard Hotel or Royal Pacific. I've stayed at the Hard Rock and it's amazing. It's basically a party hotel and I've heard the same for Royal Pacific just a bit more for families. Staying at either or makes your room key an express pass so at the parks you get to skip the lines for the rides which is a huge plus. They're also in walking distance/boat ride away. City Walk, which is outside both of the parks at night turns into clubs and restaurants. If you want you could also go to Epcot or Magic Kingdom but I would do Islands and Universal plus Epcot or Magic Kingdom.