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Has any1 here stayed at a hilton hotel?

i stayed in one on Saturday, i never will again, the radiator was broken, we paid £11 for a pizza, with was like an awful microwaved Frisbee, there was no tea or hot chocolate in the rooms only coffee or water, the bath robes felt like wire wool, uncomfortable to wear, among other problems, for £95! i have had...


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1. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Did you stay in a Hilton Hotel in Orlando, FL?

I think you may have posted this question in the wrong category but to answer your question...YES, I have stayed at a Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia PA and found it to be overpriced and was disappointed.
2. south_cheshire_cat
I have not stayed in a Hilton, but I stay in many different hotels all the time. I have found that hotels from the same chain can be very very differerent.

The one thing you have to remember is this.
Just becouse the Hotel asked £11.00 for the pizza, you dont have to pay it.
If the service isnt good then you should refuse to pay.
3. Northern Spriggan
Your £11 pizza sums up that entire industry

Those places are for snobs who get what they deserve and people in business

Try and stay at a small non chain country house hotel next time, they offer far more
4. bottle babe
Complain to Trading Standards. Have stayed
in most hotels for various undisclosed/able reasons. Like the Dorchester the best.
5. Doodie
Yep, used to stay in them all over the UK. Every one was poorly maintained and the prices were very high. Having said that, most of the large chains are just the same. Use the website to complain but you will probably just get vouchers to use in their hotels!
6. SLV1512
Hey, is tht so?? I m really surprised...
we r planning for 'Hilton Garden Inn Orlando SeaWorld International Center' in Orlando in Dec.

is this hotel also have bad reputation?? anyone has any experience about it?
7. Caz
I stayed at the Hilton in Clearwater Florida

Was great no problems with it
8. jed slade
We stopped at the Hilton in New Orleans,it was lovely,the breakfast buffet to die for.
9. mehmet
Dear my friend
yes what you are saying is bad . so change to other hotel group also it may be cheaper than hilton . by..by
10. DuaneLaugh