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Has anyone made and used a Hotel Reservation made via Hotwire.com?

If you did - what was your experience?
Hotwire.com do not reveal the Hotel name until after you are committed -
did that bother you?


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1. Haute Chocolate
I have, and though it did bother me, I actually ended up with a great deal on a hotel. It was Phoenix, AZ. I'd just moved out there for school but the semester hadn't started yet, so I needed someplace to stay for a bit and didn't know the city, etc. etc. I didn't regret the decision to go to Hotwire for that. I say go for it, you'll probably end up with a good hotel (if my experience with them isn't unique due to city, lucking out on timing, or other random/unforeseeable factors).

Ooh, and I should also note that I've used hotels.com as well, for places to stay for a few vacations. Overall prefer how they go about things and was happiER with hotels.com than hotwire only because I felt more like I knew what to expect (due to the way things are set up). Actually, that's not even putting it right. Hotwire did make me uneasy about not knowing where I'd end up - Hotels.com took that concern away because the process is different.

Hope that helps. Happy hoteling :o).
2. transferring help
I find that hotwire has some great deals... if there are things such as location or other things that are important don't do it! Also... if there is any chance of needing to change, extend, or upgrade... don't do it. Hotwire makes it very hard to make any changes to your exisiting reservation. This is especially true of car rentals.
3. G G
I haven't used it but my son has when he booked a hotel in Los Angeles and he has used it quite a few times, he has gotten some very good rates and good hotels.
4. One Sexy Jeep Girl
That's exactly why I havent used hotwire.