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Has anyone stayed at Hotel Maya in Long Beach, CA?

Im going on a carnival cruise in March leaving from Long Beach and I have found this what seems to be very nice hotel for a resonable cost. I was just wondering if anyone has stayed here prior to a cruise and how easy it is to get to the terminal from the hotel? Also if it is as nice as the reviews and pictures...


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1. Capt. Obvious
It's not as good as the shills say it is, but it IS a good value. Pretty nice place. Not too hard to get to the terminal at all if you have a car. If not, it's a short taxi ride.
2. A Hunch
I have known people who stayed there right before xmas and really enjoyed their stay.
I have not been there since they re-did it and it changed hands/names.

It is on the port side of Long Beach, probably about a 1/2 mile from the carnival crusiseline dock. I would be surprised if the hotel DIDN'T have a shuttle to the dock.

The hotel is from the 1970s and has a cool view. It was run down for a long time but has recently been redone. I keep hearing good reviews but it is still an older hotel.

Also, since it is on the port side of Long Beach, it is sort of isolated. Long Beach does have a waterbus that goes directly from the hotel to the downtown lb. I'm not sure what hours it runs this time of year. But you can easily get a taxi over the bridge. Long Beach also has touristy buses called the passport (25-cents each way) which may also go between the 2 areas.

If you would rather stay in downtown Long Beach, the Avia hotel is brand new. There is also a boutique hotel called the Varden-A. It gets really good reviews on the travel sites; I personally don't know anything about it. Or you can go with any of the chains.
There is a free bus called the Passport - Route C - that will take you from the cruise terminal area right to the hotel. I see people who have come from the cruise terminal into downtown quite often. It runs every 15 minutes from very early in the morning until past midnight.

The hotel looks very nice from the outside, especially by the water. I've only seen photos of the inside.


http://www.lbtransit.com/Schedules/Defau... Passport&direction=South&day=today&mode=...

4. FuturisticFemale
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! It is great. I got a chance to stay there for 4 weeks, 2 weeks were free for me cuz my mama got da hook up. You are going to enjoy yourself. you r going to b speechless. u r soooo rite their prices are great.