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Has anyone stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Tampa, FL?

I am looking at hotels for my husband and I this weekend for our anniversary. I am thinking of booking a Casita which is like a villa instead of the rooms in the towers. Any feedback, has anyone ever stayed here?


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1. oatw
Yes I stay at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa all the time (I travel there on business). Everyone from my company (and all other top banks and consulting firms) stays there. It is the absolute best hotel in Tampa. It's right on the water and the personalized service here is unmatched by any Four Seasons.

Noel, the bartender in the lobby is a very nice guy and easy to talk to. There's a very very good Italian restaurant at the top with a great selection of wines (i.e. Estancia Meritage Blend Reserve 2005, Vintner's Collection, or Matanza's Creek Reserve). The food and atmosphere is absolute amazing, it's designed by an Italian celebrity chef who's quite famous in New York City. Perfect place for a beautiful date and anniversary dinner. The best waiter there is "Tim." When reserving your table, ask to be in Tim's section. Order a few cocktails after dinner. The cocktail waitress is Joni and the bartender in the lounge upstairs is John. They will take care of you guys well.

This is one of my favorite hotels in the world. (And I travel on business weekly)
2. Useful Idiot
I suggest Tripadvisor.com. That is the best source for getting the scoop on specific hotels. Folks tend to really tell it like it is...both good and bad. I've used it mostly and find it right on target. Enjoy...Happy Anniversary