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Help finding where this hotel is located at?

Im trying to find out where this hotel is, its called the Hyatt Place and its right outside atlanta. I remember that right next to it is the resturaunt Carrabas. Thanks to anyone who can help


Answer (3):

1. Molok
It should be somewhere on this map.

http://tinyurl.com/carrabas-hotels-atlan... Carrabas and Nearby Hotels - Atlanta GA

There are two Carrabas Italian Grills outside of Atlanta GA, on opposite sides of town, and several Hyatt Places. You should be able to find it using the Carrabas locations. There's also a "StreetView" function that lets you look at photos of the street and buildings and navigate around like you're driving.
2. mccoyblues
OK if you use Google maps you can locate every Carrabbas in the Atlanta area. Surprisingly there are only two. However only one of them has a Hyatt Place nearby and that is the Carrabbas in Dunwoody near the Perimeter Mall on Perimeter Center West. They Hyatt is a few miles away on Mt Vernon Hwy.

Of course restaurants come and go so if it's been awhile the restaurant you were at may be closed
3. Kate
Google maps and insert the name of the hotel.