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Hotel Check in Age in Orlando, Fl?

Hi, so, I'm 17. My boyfriend and I are planning on going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fl so I can do a review for my school newspaper. His parents rent a hotel room for every other week during the months of October (they always go to HHN and stay at a hotel), and said they want...


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1. Indiana Jones
there is no way to get around it. most hotels require you to be 18+ and some even require you to be 21+. they will ask for your ID and other personal info and they will know that you are too young to rent a room. (and don't even think about parental permission cuz that only works in a school setting not in the real world).

the only way that i see you staying overnight in any hotel is if his parents go with you and check in and you all stay in the same room.
2. James B
You have to show proper identification to check in to a hotel so the only way is to check in with the adult who makes the reservation.
3. ?
there is NOOOO way you can get around it.
you gotta have an 18 year old check you in.
trust me.
i've tried and had to drive home to cocoa beach tired as fckkk at 2 am.
4. Victoria
If they are there then you don't have a problem.