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So I'm going on Spring Break in April with my two friends and one of their moms. I was wondering the best hotels in Key West, FL that keep us safe, are beautiful, have lots to do, but don't completely break the bank (aka less than $900 per person for 5 nights). If that's possible. Any help, please?...


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1. Linda
Here http://www.seekhotel.net comparison hotel price,accommodation reservations
2. rpf5
Nothing in Key West is cheap. The place is too small and spring break is prime tourist season. Most people want to be near Duval Street & the closer you are the more a room will cost. Look at a map, try places a block or two away from that street. Generally, prices get lower as you move away. There is no bad section of town & the island is so small you can walk the perimeter in about an hour. Start looking now & you should be able to find a place in your price range. Don't wait till the last minute.

p.s. If your budget permits it, consider taking a trip out to Ft Jefferson.
3. Dori Gehling
I don't know that anyone can promise or predict safety levels. That said, I just got married in Key West last week and many guests stayed at the Best Western Hibiscus, LaConcha Hotel and Admiral's Inn. That should give you a good variety of price points and amenities....also all 3 are walking distance to the Duval Street shops & bars.
4. Todd
Key West is such a small place you will be safe pretty much anywhere. The more affordable hotels will be off the water. Last time I went to Key West I booked my stay through http://www.keywesthotels.com . Hope this helps!
5. MomSezNo
Try TripAdvisor.com.