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Hotel in Savannah, Ga this weekend?

I live in Atlanta, and I was thinking of driving down to Savannah this weekend.(Labor Day). After looking on line, I cannot find hotel reservations for less than $150. So, I am thinking of just driving down there without reservations, and seeing if I can find some cute little place with vacancies after I get...


Answer (3):

1. amyb
check out this site today
i found you several for less than 150
this is owner direct rentals.. view pics price and availabilty and contact the owner today
these all come with all linens, silverware, you name it
bring your clothes and food and have a great time
2. bereftcat
Motel-5. It's cheap, but you have to make your own bed.
But, they provide the nails & the boards.
3. lynn
Go for it!